User Experience Design
User Experience
An awesome user experience is a key differentiator towards the success of products today. Our Design Studio specializes in product experiences that are highly engaging and visually impressive.
Design Studios

Our Design Studio is a group of creative geniuses and high caliber UX experts who truly understand the depths of intelligent product design.

Our designers have extensive experience working on enterprise and consumer mobile applications across smartphones, tablets, desktops, and other high-definition touch screen devices.

The Mindstix

Here at Mindstix, our products development culture has an undivided focus on delivering superior quality product experiences.

Our delighted customers and millions of their users vouch for us today! Partner with us and experience our magic at work...

Our Services: Formal Process, Flexible Approach

Give us a fleeting idea and we will put together a genius-team to drive your product. Our team's ability to generate ideas and uncommon solutions through brainstorming is unparalleled. Here at our UX studios, minds are stirring all the time...


Competitive research, identifying personas, expert reviews, focus groups and usability testing. Here is where we observe users interact with the prototypes to truly understand user behavior and user goals...


We apply the principles of information architecture to identify the core blueprint of your product. This is where we organize the information content and flow of your product to achieve your user goals.


Here is where your product-story comes to life and you understand how it's really going to work. This involves the design of low fidelity prototypes, wireframes, and click-thru prototypes.

Visual Design

An aesthetic and rich visual design that imprints your true brand identity onto your products. This is where we deliver visuals that makes your users go ‘WOW!’


Here is where decide how your users intuitively learn about your product, feel good about it, and get things done. Our process defines the gestures and interactions: Touch, type, swipe, drag, pinch, zoom, drill-down.

Our UX Success Factors
Ecosystem: UX + Engineering

Our UX team is closely weaved into our product-engineering ecosystem. Thus making sure that your UX vision is translated into a product reality without skipping a heartbeat.

Design with a Substance

We focus on products that leave lasting first-impressions. And much more importantly, products that focus on building sticky-ness and leaving an enduring impact on your users.

Pixel Perfection

Our relentless attention to detail ensures that pixel-perfection on your products. No detail is too small to be taken for granted! Our designers are eagle-eyed and lend your products that sharp edge.

Human Touch

Keeping the UI simple, consistent, and responsive are some of the key design principles we believe in. Paying utmost attention to human behavior and human interactions, we deliver products that help your users achieve a lot more…

Our Mobile UX Capabilities
A Goal-oriented Design Approach
Great mobility products are not about adding a zillion features – they are about helping users achieve a few focused goals in a seamless manner. We fight feature creep to keep your products focused, and to ensure that your users can intuitively learn to use your product, rapidly achieve their goals, and say goodbye to those boring manuals!
UX Challenges

With over a million apps across app stores, consumers today have a massive choice and very little patience. Mobility also brings a unique set of challenges to product design...

Significantly smaller and varied screen sizes.

Significantly limited attention spans and user patience.

Multiple gestures and interactions: Touch, tap, swipe, drag, type, audio, visual inputs.

Your product needs a development partner who truly understands the core principles of mobile usability and product design.

UX Expertise

An awesome experience has become a key differentiator to drive adoption, virality, and help your mobile product stand-out in the crowd.

Here at Mindstix, we've always believed that directly applying contemporary UX approaches of the Web and Desktop doesn't quite work in the mobility space. Moreover, UX standards and expectations vary with each mobile operating system too.

Our design studio offers expertise in the 'mobile first' approach and a truly responsive design for your product. Thus ensuring you are future-proof and mobile-ready from day one.