User Experience Design
Designer - UI/UX
Experience Designer - UI/UX

Mindstix Labs is looking to hire Product Experience Designers who are passionate about technology and want to build high quality digital experiences and products. Work experience between 1-2 years or a strong portfolio that displays end-to-end design skills. A design degree/equivalent or proven track record of project ownership is strongly preferred. Experience with engineering and cross-platform mobile UX design would be an added advantage.

Location: Pune

Experience:1-2 years

What you’ll get to do:
  • Bring ideas to life - think it & we’ll build it. Really!
  • Design across multiple verticals - Enterprise, Retail, Hospitality, Banking, Sales, etc.
  • Work directly with customers & users - understand their needs and deliver directly to them.
  • Be involved in all aspects of design - conceptualisation to visual design and everything in between.
  • Have end-to-end ownership - concept to market, all the way.
  • Work on the latest in tech - Voice, Chat, IoT, AI, Mobile, and much more.
  • BYOP - Bring your own process. We like new things.
  • Join a design team consisting of UX and Industrial designers who are always seeking the unusual - Learn and teach simultaneously!
  • Work in a flexible, agile and fast-paced startup environment.
What you should be:
  • Great problem-solver and tinker who loves challenges.
  • An impeccable communicator and collaborator who is a thought leader for both customers & colleagues.
  • Team player who thrives on brainstorm sessions.
  • Able to work hand-in-hand with the development team to ensure your vision is achieved.
  • Broad spectrum designer - UXD/IXD/VD, no siloed roles!
Tools you will use:
  • Whiteboards, Post-Its, Sketch, Invision, Zeplin, Principle, Balsamiq, Photoshop, Illustrator, Insert-your-tool-here. We’re tool-agnostic and early adopters that jump to the best tools available
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Preliminary Phone Screening

We chat about your work experience and understand why you really love doing what you do. We also work on programming problems or puzzles during this preliminary screening.

Technical Screening

Most technical interviews are in-person interviews in our labs. Our interview process challenges you to problems in programming logic, data structures, algorithms, and operating systems – the kind of things that make code Ninjas!

Code With Us

Our evaluation process may also need you to write code. We send you a few programming problems, or invite you to our lab to crack-away at code. Plan to spend a day at our lab if you're coming over.