Leadership &
Executive Team
Silicon valley entrepreneurs, tech visionaries, and geeks at heart - We're the Mindstix Ninjas! A raring team with a deep-rooted expertise across technology and industry verticals. We're the collective force to help your products succeed.
Roshan Kulkarni
Founder and CEO

Roshan Kulkarni is the Founder and CEO at Mindstix Software Labs. Since its inception, Mindstix has grown under his leadership to become a creative home to 100+ software craftsmen, designers and code ninjas.

A technology evangelist and an entrepreneur at heart, Roshan has a masters degree in Computer Science from IIT Bombay. He brings over 14+ years of leadership experience in product strategy, management and consulting across India and the United States (Bay Area). Roshan is passionate about nurturing nascent ideas into immaculately-crafted products and his primary areas of interests include software scalability, mobility and embedded platforms.

Ankur Mehta
Vice President, Digital Transformation

Ankur Mehta has an engineering degree in Computer Science with over 14+ years of global delivery experience. He has been part of the Mindstix journey since our inception and has played a key role in scaling our product engineering practice over the past 14+ years.

Prior to Mindstix Labs, Ankur led global technology teams at several Silicon Valley startups as well as enterprises such as BNP, Tata Telematics, and Capgemini Consulting. He is relentless about bringing a high degree of discipline into the agile delivery process here at Mindstix – something we’ve always believed and cherished since our inception.

Yagnesh Chawda
Chief Technology Officer

Yagnesh Chawda is a man on a mission. Yagnesh is an ardent believer that building a world-class product demands deep technical expertise and painstaking craftsmanship. Here at Mindstix Labs, we’ve found just the right person to champion this cause!

Yagnesh loves working on the bleeding-edge of the Open Technology stack and is the chief mentor across all engineering teams here at Mindstix Labs. He has been instrumental in bringing the Silicon Valley product culture right here to our offshore teams – we call him our culture guru. With over 14+ years of experience at enterprises such as Nomura, Capgemini Consulting and Reliance, Yagnesh has shipped massively scalable products that sustain millions of users.

Ambikeshwar Singh
Principal Architect - Cloud Engineering

Ambikeshwar Singh (a.k.a. Ambi) has a master’s degree in Computer Science from IIT Bombay and is the Principal Architect here at Mindstix Labs.

Ambi is passionate about building high performance platforms based on the IaaS Cloud Infrastructure, Enterprise Java and the Open Source software stack. Over the past 12+ years of his professional journey, Ambi has led product architecture for several successful Silicon Valley ventures. He also brings a strong cadence in DevOps and Systems Automation - a capability that immensely helps accelerate our delivery process here at Mindstix.

Ajit Kulkarni
Vice President, Enterprise Mobility

Ajit Kulkarni is heading our Enterprise Mobility group catering multiple Fortune 500 clients. He is working with Mindstix since Feb 2015. In this period mobility group has seen the tremendous growth.

He joined us after 14+ years of IT experience at top investment banks such as Lehman Brothers, Nomura, Credit Suisse. Ajit has delivered mission-critical systems needing high reliability in various domain like Cash Equities, Equity Research, and Asset Management.

Ajit has completed Executive Management Program with distinction from IIT Bombay SJMSOM. He has a Batchelor's degree in Telecommunications from Mumbai University.

Ajit is passionate about bringing success to our customers through a focus on people, processes, and innovation.

Kanad Dixit
Vice President, Data Science Engineering

Kanad Dixit heads the Data Science & Engineering Group at Mindstix since its inception in January 2017. Kanad is a Columbia University alum where he completed MS in Computer Science with a major in Machine Learning. He has 14+ years experience in building scalable, fault tolerant and performant global platforms.

Prior to joining Mindstix, Kanad has worked with top financial firms like Citibank, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, BlackRock et. Al.

Kanad shares the passion of the Mindstix team for delivering solutions with Artisanal Craftmanship.He enjoys travelling and meeting new people.

Hardik Patel
Principal Architect, Enterprise Mobility

Hardik is a passionate technologist with 10+ years experience in building robust and scalable enterprise mobile applications. His work is instrumental in creating success stories for billion dollar companies as well as valley startups demanding knowledge of bleeding edge technologies.

His latest areas of interest are Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Rality (VR) and on-device Machine Learning. To find him in office, look for the person wearing VR goggles and juggling between multiple mobiles.

Aniket Patni
Creative Director, Head of Design

Aniket is responsible for building the Mindstix Creative group from a one person team to a formidable group at par with some of the best design studios in the world. Aniket's work well appreciated by leading brands in High-end Retail, Hi-Tech and Luxury Cosmetics.

Aniket has a Master’s Degree in User Experience Design with over 6+ years of global delivery experience. Aniket and his team are easy to spot in office as the team surrounded by multiple musical instruments and bubbling with creative energy.

Arvind Narain
Strategic Advisor

Arvind Narain is a seasoned corporate executive, serial entrepreneur, and a thought leader with a M.S in Industrial Engineering from Kansas State University.

Arvind was the President & COO at FunMobility, a mobile social entertainment company where 75+M consumers share, play and connect through their mobile devices. Arvind previously held senior executive roles at McAfee, serving most recently as the SVP for Mobility, SaaS, and Service Providers. As SVP of Products, he led the global 500+ team responsible for revenue execution, product management, strategy and consulting for the $600M enterprise portfolio. As a co-founder of the Network Associates subsidiary, myCIO, he conceived and created the world's first B2B security application service provider.

Martin Chevalley
Strategic Advisor

Martin is a business catalyst with a 12+ years background starting up, creating and launching home electronics and software oriented brands, products and companies.

With an academic background as Masters in Business Administration from Stockholm University, Sweden and Harvard University, Cambridge, USA, Martin co-founded the software company Zebor Technology which delivers software to Intel and other key players, and was later part of launching the world's first Android-TV, already in 2009. Before fully embracing the world of technology and innovation, Martin was in telecoms, managing marketing and product roll-out for Millicom in Vietnam. Martin is presently the co-founder and CEO at InnSpire Intelligent Hotel Solutions - a company that is revolutionizing the delivery of customer services in the hospitality industry.