Cloud Engineering
We offer expertise to build and scale web platforms. Our guru architects specialize in distributed systems, cloud, and enterprise platforms.
Cloud Engineering

Traditional approaches of application delivery are disrupted by the emergence of cloud platforms today. Many critical questions arise to guarantee the success of your product in this ecosystem...

How do choose the right cloud platform?

How do you define and measure the ROI from your cloud initiatives?

Do you have a product architecture to take advantage of the cloud’s elasticity and features?

Given these challenges, you need a partner who truly understands the depths of cloud and scalability engineering.

Cloud Engineering

Mindstix offers proven expertise across cloud platforms so you can make your product-engineering decisions faster and with confidence. Our expertise spans across the entire cloud stack:

IaaS Cloud: Building a multi-node application infrastructure on top of IaaS cloud platforms.

PaaS Cloud: Rapid development of business applications, by taking advantage of PaaS frameworks.

SaaS Cloud: Helping you integrate with SaaS Cloud APIs. Take advantage of the existing feature capabilities of SaaS platforms.

Scalability Engineering
How do
we massively scale?

Scale is a necessity to realize the true market potential of your SaaS applications today. Our approach to scaling your product includes the following areas of expertise:

Multi-node deployment on virtual infrastructure.

Scaling the web layer, data layer to handle massive workloads.

Building a loosely coupled architecture.

Architectures that fits well into existing cloud platforms.

Expertise: Scalability Engineering

Multi-node web layer architecture.

Design of load balanced infrastructure.

Content delivery networks (CDN) for web traffic.

Distributed caching infrastructure.

Performance engineering of web UI.


Data transformation and visualization using BigData / NoSQL.

Partitioning and Sharding of data layer.

Database replication and high availability.

Database optimization and performance tuning.

Expertise in scalable cloud storage services.

Feature Engineering

Architecture of multi-tenant SaaS Products.

Data isolation and performance guarantees across tenants.

Seamless scaling of new tenants in your SaaS platform.

Public, Private, Hybrid cloud deployments.


Message Bus Infrastructure.

Service Oriented Architectures (SOA).

Multi-node and Multi-layered Caching.

Enterprise-grade Security Expertise.


Integration with Paypal, Stripe and other payment gateway providers.

Compliance with PCI DSS standards.

Exceptional store-front experiences that drive your business.

Security and audit capabilities into your online commerce platforms.

Social Media

Building scalable social media platforms.

Social media strategy for your product.

Social API Integration: Facebook, Twitter, Google.

Design and development of micro-blogging infrastructure and content management systems.

Product Development Services

We offer engineering services to build Web 2.0, SaaS and Cloud products. Our approach spans the end-to-end product lifecycle...

Product architecture and design.

Product user experience design.

Product development that embraces open technologies.

Product quality assurance and large-scale load testing.

Deployment, production support and scaling.

Product Development Services
The Mindstix Advantage
We believe that successful Web 2.0 products need UX and engineering to cohesively work together. In our ecosystem, UX teams work hand-in-hand with our engineering folks in an agile manner to create awesome products for you.